3 Classic Rum-Based Cocktails

Rum is easily one of the most beloved spirits in the entire world. Obviously, you are probably aware that this very commonly distilled École du Bar de Montréal spirit is quite a favorite in tropical parts of the world—like the Caribbean—where sugar is a natural crop (and a major export of the modern world).  Whether from movies or history or folklore—or the ride at Disneyland—you may know that rum was a favorite of pirates who pillaged several coastal communities throughout the 19th century.

Rum is popular, of course, because it is distilled from the byproduct of either sugar cane or molasses.  This makes it much smoother than its neutral-grain sibling—vodka–and sweeter than its agave-based distant cousin: tequila.

As it is best known for its light, sweet essence, rum is generally regarded as the spirit best for “tropical” drinks. Indeed, it works very well with exotic fruits and other tropical ingredients.  As such, here are some of the most popular rum-based cocktails in the world.


While many in the Western world might know this drink better as blended with strawberry flavoring, the classic daiquiri is among the simplest and distinctive cocktails in history.  For this drink you simply combine a few oz of light rum with the juice of a fresh squeezed lime and a little sugar in a glass and then shake together and strain into a glass.  Light and sweet, but also sour, it is among the most refreshing drinks you will ever try.


Not quite as simple as the Daiquiri, the Mojito could be even more refreshing.  Also made with lime, rum, and salt, this Cuban favorite muddles mint—preferably spearmint—with sugar in a glass. You then pour the other components on top and shake with ice. You can strain it or just drink it with the elements still in the glass, which also add a little character.


The key to a good rum cocktail is simplicity. Generally, you mix rum with something “tropical” and that’s it. The Mai Tai, then, is basically two kinds of rum and two kinds of juice.  The basic recipe calls for just two ounces of rum—though a combination of light and dark rum—and orange juice and pineapple juice.  Technically, though, you want to build the ingredients in a glass with light rum on the bottom, then the two juices, and then a float of dark rum.  Some people also add a float of grenadine for a little more color.

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