Comparison of Renting vs Buying Musical Instruments

Most children today get introduced to music by joining the school band. Parents know too well that when a child shows an interest in picking up and playing an instrument, the next step in the process is getting a hold of the right musical instrument to provide for your child. Musical instruments are available for purchase or rental, and this article aims to take a closer look at each of these choices.

Band instrument rental

It is understandable to assume that renting is more economical than buying. It is common to find many local shops like Dawkes Musical Instruments which offer rental programs. In some cases, the school will also maintain partnerships with music shops and refer parents to source instruments for their children. Some of the advantages of renting musical instruments include:

  • When you rent a woodwind or brass instrument, there is often a repair service and insurance coverage contained in the rental agreement. This is especially beneficial when you are entrusting a sensitive instrument in the hands of a child. Nevertheless, additional services like these also come at a cost.
  • Renting is the quickest route to getting an instrument for your child to use for practice. The process is simple and often only requires a form to be filled out and an initial payment made.
  • Easy disposal. When it is a child’s first time foraying into the world of music, there is always a possibility that the child may end up losing interest down the line. When this happens, the instrument you bought will be a wasted investment. With renting, it is easier to dispose of the instrument and terminate the rental agreement.

Renting does have a few significant advantages which are why it is a popular option especially for beginners. Nonetheless, buying an instrument may also prove beneficial later on depending on the child’s level of commitment to playing.

Buying a band instrument

Purchasing an instrument these days is more accessible than one might think. There are online sellers apart from brick and mortar shops which make it much easier to source the brand or model of instrument you are looking for. If you want to buy a woodwind instrument, you have the option of buying brand-new or used. Acquiring a brand-new one means you get what you pay for, and you won’t need to worry about discovering possible issues later on. On the other hand, buying a used instrument does have a few risks, but if you are on a budget, used musical instruments are not such a bad thing.

If you compare the cost of renting a band instrument versus buying new or used, buying makes more sense financially if you intend to rent for many years. The bottom line here is that the longer you rent, the more you spend. Therefore, leasing is an excellent choice for the short-term only. If your child expresses serious interest in continuing to play for years to come, it is best to buy an instrument either brand-new or used which your child can call their own.


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