Kids Theme Parties: Planning a Music Theme Party

The particular planning is determined by age your child toddlers and pre-schoolers will love home-made instruments, tweenies and teenagers will go with disco parties or their favourite pop star’s music. You may also concentrate on music from various countries.


Invitations can vary from normal card invitations with pictures of music notes or instruments, to invitations produced from CD’s, written music (with no, it’s not necessary to make use of your music books, simply make copies or search on the internet for images to download) or drums produced from small empty canisters using the invitations inside.

Birthday Cake:

Birthday cakes could be by means of drums, boom boxes, gramophone players, radios, or music instruments like guitars and pianos. You should use modelling paste to create musicians as well as put it around the cakes or near the cakes.

Make party snacks that appear to be like music notes or music instruments. Use card board templates to reduce shapes from slices of bread, pizza dough or cookie dough and add different toppings. Decorate Marie Biscuits or other appropriate biscuits to appear like CD’s. Turn old vinyl records into bowls to carry chocolate and crisps.


This can once more rely on the particular music theme you select. Here’s an opportunity to make use of all individuals old CD’s by attaching these to foil swirls simply cut some coloured foil cake plates inside a spiral, attach the CD’s with glue and hang up in the roof.

Music notes cut from brightly coloured construction paper could be installed on the walls or hung in the roof too. Additionally, it adds a festive touch towards the table adornments.

Buy or let print big posters of popular musicians or favourite singers and decorate the walls by using it.

Party Activities and games:

Youthful kids will love games like musical chairs or musical glasses – pick some glass bottles which make a great tone whenever you strike them. Six is going to do. Fill the very first bottle with water, the second with less water, and going until you’re able to the final one. By now, you need to just have the ability to grow it about one inch approximately water. Whenever you tap each bottle utilizing a spoon or stick, you will see that they create a different tone and seem.

Glasses could be filled in the same manner, wet a finger and rub it round the rim of every glass. Each glass can make it’s own seem with respect to the quantity of water inside it.

Drums can be created from brightly colored empty coffee cans toddlers will like containers and pans having a wooden spoon, fill balloons with a tiny bit of sugar before tying, make shakers along with other noisemakers by filling empty plastic containers and empty tins with beans or grain.

Karaoke, name the song/tune and musical trivia are games that’ll be enjoyed by teenagers.

Consider giving dance training towards the kids particularly if your party theme centers around music using their company cultures or earlier eras. If you don’t understand all the dance steps yourself, ask buddies or family people whether they can get it done, or maybe your financial allowance enables it, employ a ballerina from the dance studio. If everything else fail, purchase a DVD using the appropriate dance steps and allow the kids have an enjoyable experience following a fundamental steps.

Party Favours:

Should you allow the kids make their very own music instruments included in the party activities, they are able to go home together.

Teenagers could be given a CD with music in the era you’re considering – it is simple to choose songs prior to the party and burn CD’s on your pc. for those who have a graphics program and printer, design a CD cover using the time and date from the party along with the birthday kid’s name onto it the party visitors may have good recollections from the party when they pay attention to the background music.

Children like to liven up for any party along with a music themed party theme can give them the chance to walk into another era as they possibly can become rock ‘n rollers, celebrities, drummers or dancers throughout the party and you never know, a couple of of these might just uncover their future careers while experiencing the music at the child’s birthday celebration.

If you are a music lover then you will love everything about music. You will even love to have music theme accessories and Keeping in mind this love for music, Ministry of Piano presents before you a wide range of products.

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