Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Events

One fun activity many people are adding to their parties is a photo booth. Your guests can pose with different props or simply smile and create a special memory that’s instantly printed. Many photo booths even let you add text and the date to the bottom of the photo so your guests will know when the picture was taken. There are a lot of reasons to add a photo booth to your event, no matter what event it might be. Here are a few of these reasons.

It’s Customisable

You can customise your photo booth in many different ways. In addition to adding different text to the bottom of each photo, you can ask for specific props and backgrounds. You’ll be able to have themed photos that go along with the theme of your event or classy elegant pictures suitable for framing. You can select from anything the company has to offer. Create a formal booth perfect for photos of your wedding attendees or a laid-back colourful booth for your birthday party. You can even add holiday décor for the photo booth at your next company party.


It’s Fun

With the different props and backgrounds, your guests are doing more than just posing for a picture. They’re having fun. They can get into character, try out a number of different fun poses, and act as wild as they want to. With unlimited prints, people can come back again and again to try out different props and poses. This means the photo booth will remain popular during the entire event.

You Get to Keep a Copy of the Photos

Photo booths generally print a second copy of all of the photos taken in the booth for the host. This means you get to see all of the crazy things your friends did in their photos. It also lets you create a nice photo album or scrapbook of your events for the future. Instead of printing out all of the photos a second time, some companies provide you with a USB drive that include all of the pictures taken during the event so you can print only the ones you want.

If you use Instagram, some companies such as have a special printer that scans Instagram for certain hashtags. Whenever a photo is tagged with that hashtag, the printer prints a copy. This means your guests don’t even have to be in the photo booth to pose for their pictures.

An Attendant Is Included

Many photo booth companies send a trained attendant to run the photo booth during your event. This way, you don’t have to worry about setting up or taking down the booth and there’s always someone there who can deal with any technical issues. You’ll never have to try to figure out how to reload the paper or what to do if the system jams. All you have to do is tell the attendant where to set up and this part of the party runs itself.

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