Spice up your weekends with online Movie Ticket Booking

Vent out your artistic and filmy aspirations every weekend – join the journey of the stars and the newcomers every week as their movies join the 100-crore club or go down the drains. No more double thoughts, no more indecisiveness of whether to watch at home to go to a movie hall, how to watch, where to go – the super mighty world of internet has resolved all these issues for us, once and for all.

Movie watching has never been so luxurious ever before. The experience for the common man has been reversed forever, for the better of course. Within matter of seconds and minutes, you can book and pre-book tickets for ongoing shows or for movies to be released soon. Whether featuring your favourite stars or the story seems to be engrossing, the entertainment industry is on a roller coaster ride for now. More and more online players are entering the foray to deliver the best pre-show experience to cine goers. From enabling viewers to book seats along with movie tickets bookings, these platforms offer enviable and enticing discount offers clubbed with other services at their portal or App, cash back offers, easy and safe payment facility using electronic wallets etc. To one’s imaginations things cannot get better than this! In fact, some of these retailers are tied up with cafes and restaurants nearby and offer attractive discounts on food and drinks. So, you can combine a movie show with a sumptuous lunch or dinner nearby and have a perfect start to the weekend.

After all, the main purpose to seek entertainment is to break out of the strenuous schedule that one follows through the week. And that is exactly the reason why we all –office goers, housewives, students – wait eagerly for the weekend. Some sleep off, some go out of city and some plan for a quiet family time by watching movies. What better way to plan and execute than spending just a couple of minutes in movie ticket booking while carrying out other work online. It saves your precious time and energy. As per reports, it was estimated that about 50% of movie goers in Delhi NCR were booking tickets online in 2015, when the online movie ticket booking phenomenon had just about started. Going by these statistics and the growth of internet and computer networks and infrastructure in the country, it is safe to assume that now only about 10% of the crowd visit the ticket counter to buy movie tickets. The rest are all sitting in the comfort of their homes and offices to do the same.

Industry experts point out that this phenomenon is more visible in multiplexes. At single screen cinema halls that cover a major part of the country, especially in the rural and semi-rural areas, the queues outside the ticket counters can still be observed. Having said that, the speed at which technology is evolving and reaching out to far-fetched areas, it is not long before queues outside movie ticket counters will become extinct.

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