The First Birthday Tips for Your Little One

When your little boy has just turned one, it must be the party time in your family. If you and your partner wish to celebrate the wonderful moment with the loved ones, planning the first birthday party of your baby is the best you can do.

It’s for obvious that balancing in between the hassle of new parenthood and the excitement of arranging the party can be stressful. But no worries, we have some useful tips for you. Make your child get the blessings and love from the people who really matter. Let them visit the kid and shower their love and compassion to the baby to live a wonderful and healthy life ahead.

Invite a few people

Being a parent you will have to understand the comfort zone of your baby. Thus, smartly make the guest list that includes only a few people from the family and friends. You can choose the e-cards, that are much popular these days for your girl’s or boys birthday invites. Instead of sending the guests the invitations via post, choose this new age procedure of inviting guests.


Don’t make loud noises

Don’t even think that you are going to call up a DJ or have great music at the party. You kid might lose temperament as babies don’t always prefer loud music. So keep it simple when you are excited to have music in the party.

Keep it short

Keep the party short so that your baby so as the children don’t get tired. For the first birthday party of your kid, choose the morning time and don’t make it run more than an hour or two. Being the parent, you have to be careful about the kid’s health more than anything.

Create a play place

You can create a play corner at your place for the kids to play around. Keep some good toys for them to play. A seesaw or a tent can add more fun for the kids who are a little grown up than yours.

Have healthy food

 As “kids” are your priority, make the food healthy. Make sure you have all those stuff in the list that kids love to have. Apart from the birthday cake, serve them smoothies of banana, chocolate, and cream, along with wafer crunches as toppings.

For food, try to keep it simple so that the children may not get a stomach ache after having those. Avoid oily and spicy food for the children guests but yes, for the adults, you can have some amazing stuff in the buffet.

Get a clown

You can hire a clown to open the doors to the guests. If you don’t think that it will be a good idea, you can choose a Charlie Chaplin or a Dinosaur instead.

Don’t panic

Keep your calm when you are hosting a kid’s party. You shouldn’t get anxious about stuff otherwise, you will jeopardize the whole thing. Think positive and look forward to it.

So, here are your quick and cool tips to plan the party of your little boy’s first birthday.


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