What a Voice Artist Can Add to Your Video

When it comes to making an animated video, a documentary or a narration, you will require assistance from voiceover artists. As humans, we respond to different voices in a different way. Your voice can actually become a very powerful tool of expression if it is used correctly. Think about the last time you watched an animated video. The voice you hear coming from the animated character’s mouth was recorded separately, and the animation was done separately. Yet, the voice seems so natural, expressing the emotions of the character perfectly.

Needless to say, this is a special talent. Knowing how to channel emotions in your voice without actually seeing what’s happening is not as simple as it might seem. A voice over artist is responsible for connecting directly to the audience so that they are able to bridge the gap between what’s on the screen and comprehend exactly what’s going on. You can’t just hire anybody to do the voiceovers. Whether you are making a corporate training video or an animated short, you will need to hire an artist who specialises in doing voiceovers. Local companies such as Thurston Day work with various voiceover artists and can help you launch your video or movie to a critical response. Here are just some of the many different benefits that you get for hiring an artist who does voiceovers.

Channelling Emotions

Engaging as many senses as possible during a video is very important to fully immerse the viewer in the experience. Here’s a brief example: just mute out the video on any movie on the screen and try to sit through it. Even if the action scenes are intense or the movie features amazing choreography and cinematography, you will get bored within a short while and probably leave. That’s just because you aren’t fully immersed in the experience. If you are showing a documentary about something, having an artist doing a voiceover and explaining to your viewers exactly what’s going on the screen can prove to be highly beneficial. It can deliver a greater impact to the viewers.



One of the biggest reasons why you should bring in an artist to do a voiceover is because they are highly professional and can adapt very quickly to what you want to show on screen. Professionalism plays a very important role when it comes to hiring an artist. Ideally, you would want to hire somebody who can understand your vision of the video and can channel that into their voice. For instance, when a particularly emotional scene comes on the screen, the voice should change accordingly. An experienced artist from a company such as Thurston Day can significantly improve the manner in which your video comes out on the screen. Voiceovers engage viewers on a one-to-one basis. Moreover, the voice itself can be accented to give it a more unique appeal. These benefits can dramatically improve the impact delivered by your videos and can also improve their reception.

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